Veulenveiling Dronten

07-09-2018 / 07-09-2018
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Can you believe these were all rescue cases? 6 pictures of rescue ponies who wowed the crowds at Equifest 16-8-2018 13:25

Some of them will also be needing new homes in the near future... ... [Lees meer]

Trainer’s call to drivers after horse injured on road 16-8-2018 12:07

Racehorse Jonjoela
A racehorse has been injured after becoming upset and falling on the road... [Lees meer]

‘Great horsemanship’: Britain and Australia claim joint victory in Mongol Derby 16-8-2018 11:23

The pair crossed 1,000km of Mongolian steppe in just over six days, facing monsoon rain, fog, heat and floods along the way... [Lees meer]

Harry Meade: A new age of British team horses? *H&H VIP* 16-8-2018 10:00


Horse & Hound's eventing columnist wonders whether Britain has the equine stars of the future... [Lees meer]

How can I stop my horse rearing? 16-8-2018 09:24

Australian Horseman Jason Webb who is based in the UK and runs his online training website www.yourhorsemanship.com has a passion for starting young horses, solving equine problems and teaching riders of all abilities and ambitions develop and strengthen the partnership they have with their horses. Here Jason helps one H&H forum user who has a problem with h... [Lees meer]

Abandoned, near-death foal now a showring champion 15-8-2018 23:12


Round-the-clock veterinary care and dedicated work helped the youngster make a full recovery and now at the age of four, Frodo is completely unrecognisable.

Abandoned, near-death foal now a showring ch... [Lees meer]

Universal microchip look-up tool for horses in development 15-8-2018 22:49


Technology and public opinion had finally aligned to allow microchipping to become an efficient aid when identifying horses.

Universal microchip look-up tool for horses in development --



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