H&M Harley v/d Bisschop, one of Nicola’s top horses is leaving the Philippaerts family. He found home in Ireland, at Bertam Allen. Just a few weeks ago, Nicola and H&M Harley v/d Bisschop rode two spotless rounds in the Nations Cup Final in Barcelona, resulting in a first place for Belgium. A month ago, this ... [Lees meer]

Tributes paid to courageous and talented young rider who died after being hit by car 22-10-2018 14:28

George Crawford, from Melrose, with his horse Kian. George, 20, lost his life on Sunday after he was hit by a car in Shropshire.
George Crawford’s father has remembered his son as a wonderful young man who enriched the lives of those around him... [Lees meer]

Get ready for Christmas with Olympia Horse Show tickets 22-10-2018 13:24

Your complete guide to purchasing tickets ahead of the Olympia Horse Show 2018... [Lees meer]

Joanna Thurman-Baker’s dressage blog: this is hard for me to write 22-10-2018 11:55

Habil at home
Joanna has some sad news to share this week, but she’s trying to keep her spirits up... [Lees meer]

Mikayla Brabant – J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal National Finals Winner 22-10-2018 10:00

Mikayla Brabant stood proud on top of the podium this evening making her the inaugural national finalist winner of the J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal. After two days of top-level competition, Brabant and her horse, Cortofino, ended up on top. “I’ve had [Cortofino] since he was five and he’s the best horse I have ever ridden,” ... [Lees meer]

What hotter summers mean for your horse’s health *H&H VIP* 22-10-2018 10:00

TI all rights
Hotter summers will mean more midges and mosquitoes, with associated itching. But the health risks don’t stop there, as Professor Debra Archer explains... [Lees meer]

6 reasons why you’re sad the summer season is over (despite being completely knackered and poor) 22-10-2018 09:25

What will you miss most about the competition season? ... [Lees meer]



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